• A symbol to identify, unify, and shield-ify

What is Shade Shield?

Shade Shield is a startup non-profit-to-be focusing on the arts for youth in our communities. We let our light shine through creative self-expression, SHUTTING DOWN the shade that is pervasive now more than ever, including when we shade on ourselves. The symbol expresses what a parent, educator, mentor, family, or anyone else in the life of adolescents has the potential to be- a shade shield. We invite all to wear a shade shield, be a Shade Shield, or give a Shade Shield to someone who needs it to wield for their own inner confidence and to encourage mental wealth and resiliency. The Shade Shield can be a token of gratitude to someone who is an example of embodying that shield for another person, strengthening bonds among those impacted by their contribution. We will have more to share and Shade Shields to wield once things get underway. In the meanwhile, follow and get on our email list to stay posted!

Questions? Thoughts?